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8 Types of Self-Care

Here is a simple list of ways to care for yourself:

1. Physical: sleep, stretching, walking, exercise, healthy food, rest 2. Emotional: positive self-talk, grow emotional maturity, forgive, be compassionate, be kind to others and yourself 3. Social: set boundaries, create a support system, engage in positive social media, make time for friends, ask for help 4. Spiritual: meditate, take time alone, pray, seek connection to something bigger, be in nature, create sacred spaces, participate in rituals 5. Personal: have hobbies, get creative, set goals, explore your own identity, honor your true self 6. Space: create safety, security and stability in your living space, have a healthy living environment, organize and clean your space 7. Psychological: listen to music, journal, engage in self-reflection, go to therapy, learn new things 8. Work: set boundaries, manage your time, take breaks, bring your best self, no gossip/drama, contribute to a positive work environment


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