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The Baddie Trilogy Blend
  • The Baddie Trilogy Blend

    Baddie (noun):

    A female who can hold her own and take care of herself.

    She is very pretty, and independent.  

    -Urban Dictionary


    The Baddie Blend Prayer:


    Help me to see my inner beauty and accept myself beyond my appearance.

    Guide me toward my inner light.

    May my light become a source of great healing and peace for all.

    May I always remember my inner Baddie.

    And so it is.  


    Plant Allies


    Buttercup: Cultivate a radiant inner light. Detach from outer recognition or fame. Be self-assured.


    Pretty Face: Shift awareness from looking outside yourself to finding beauty within. Grow inner luminosity and increase soul radiance.


    Sunflower: Emanate your solar power in a balanced way. Manifest your dreams. Shine like the sun. 


    Ingredients: filtered spring water, brandy (preservative)*, infusion of Ranunculus occidentalis, Triteleia ixioides and Helianthus flowers 


    *Alcohol-free preservative options are available


    Additional Information: The plants selected for this Trilogy Blend were chosen intentionally for their synergistic and healing effects. All Trilogy Blends are bottled by hand by Michele Wellington.


    Disclaimer: Results vary and are not guaranteed. Flower essences are not a replacement for medical care or treatment or a substitute for professional psychological counseling. Please consult your health provider(s) if you feel ill or unwell. This information is intended for educational purposes.


    Interested in support and holding while working with this essence or having a custom flower essence blended just for you? Apply to work with Michele in EMBARK.



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