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Spiritual Gold with California Poppy

Spiritual Gold with California Poppy

Locate a source of warmth and light within.


Indications: For those who often succumb to escapist tendencies or emotional bypassing.For those who are attracted to spiritual glamor or enticing psychic experiences outside themselves. 


Intentions: Sit quietly and safely in the discomfort of your world both individually and collectively. Find the thing you seek outside yourself within. Cultivate radiant heart-centered spirituality. Trust yourself and listen to your heart.


Ingredients: filtered spring water,  brandy (preservative)*, infusion of Lathyrus latifolius flowers


*If you prefer a flower remedy with no alcohol please select that option at checkout.


Additional Information: Michele Wellington made the Mother Remedy for this flower essence by hand on July 25, 2023, in Nevada City, California.


Disclaimer: Results vary and are not guaranteed. Flower essences are not a replacement for medical care or treatment or a substitute for professional psychological counseling. Please consult your health provider(s) if you feel ill or unwell. This information is intended for educational purposes.


Interested in support and holding while working with this essence or having a custom flower essence blended just for you? Apply to work with Michele in EMBARK.


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