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Protected with White Yarrow

Protected with White Yarrow

I am I. You Are You.


Indications: For empaths and those in healing/care-giving areas. For those who struggle with vulnerability to others and to their environment. For those who are easily depleted. For those who are overly absorbent of negative influences. For those prone to psychic overload or toxicity.


Intentions: Build strong, healthy boundaries. Grow compassionate awareness of self and others. Avoid unnecessary energy leaks and general depletion as you evolve and grow.


Ingredients: filtered spring water,  brandy (preservative)*, infusion of Achilleamillefolium flowers 


*Alcohol-free preservative options are available


Additional Information: Michele Wellington made the Mother Remedy for this flower essence by hand on September 12, 2023, in Nevada City, California.


Disclaimer: Results vary and are not guaranteed. Flower essences are not a replacement for medical care or treatment or a substitute for professional psychological counseling. Please consult your health provider(s) if you feel ill or unwell. This information is intended for educational purposes.


Interested in support and holding while working with this essence or having a custom flower essence blended just for you? Apply to work with Michele in EMBARK.

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