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Journey Into Guilt

Journey Into Guilt

Included in Emotional Growth Journeys


Guilt is a feeling people typically have after doing something wrong, intentionally or accidentally.


Guilt isn’t necessarily bad.


Sometimes guilt can even be productive and appropriate. Feeling bad after making a mistake can lead to change, such as an apology or a decision to make different choices in the future.


But guilt is sometimes unhelpful. It can be difficult to overcome these feelings, especially in the case of chronic guilt.


 Transforming guilt is all about determining what's appropriate guilt to work with vs. what is inappropriate guilt to release.


Journey Into Guilt


Indications: feelings of guilt and embarrassment concerning one's actions, ruminating on the past, overwhelmed by possibly making the “wrong” decision, low self-esteem, putting others before yourself


Healing Qualities:  release guilt and pain,  regain a sense of integrity, respect and compassion for yourself


In this 17-minute emotional growth meditation, "A Journey Into Guilt" you will be guided to:

  • relax into your body
  • explore the true source of your guilt
  • meet it with self-compassion
  • determine if the guilt you feel is appropriate or not
  • connect to your own humanness



What you'll receive

  • A guided meditation with music
  • A guided meditation without music


NOTE: This is a digital product. There are no refunds.



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