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Journey Into Fear

Journey Into Fear

Included in Emotional Growth Journeys


Most of us have one or more challenging core beliefs which surface repeatedly over the course of our lives.


These core beliefs are rooted in deep, unexpressed fears.


Fears will chase and haunt us until we learn how to turn and face them.


Facing the fears involves facing our negative core beliefs.



Journey Into Fear


Indications: lacking trust in yourself and others, immobilized by a fear of the unknown, inability to move forward in order to grow or heal, negative thinking


Healing Qualities: healing negative core beliefs, freedom from fear


In this 19-minute emotional growth meditation, "A Journey Into Fear" you will be guided to:

  • relax into your body
  • explore the true source of your fear
  • face your fears safely
  • experience your fears in a whole new way and transform them into peace



What you'll receive

  • A guided meditation with music
  • A guided meditation without music


NOTE: This is a digital product. There are no refunds

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