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Journey Into Anger

Journey Into Anger

Included in Emotional Growth Journeys


Anger is a complex emotion.


It’s an emotion we all feel but are conditioned to not feel or act on.


Because of this many of us have a tendency to shove it down rather than truly feeling it and working through it.


But anger is often a bodyguard emotion. It's secondary to much more tender and vulnerable emotions inside of us.


Emotions that let us know when we need to take healthy actions for ourselves whether it is:

  • Setting a boundary
  • Standing up for ourselves
  • Following a desire
  • Forgiveness


These primary emotions want and need our attention for our anger to be fully alchemized and understand ourselves better and take healthy actions in our lives.


Journey Into Anger


Indications: unresolved anger and resentment, difficulty forgiving the self or others for past actions


Healing Qualities: dissolve the protective layer that's been built up around anger, understand the issues at the root of anger so they can be expressed in a clear and heart-centered way


In this 16-minute emotional growth meditation, "A Journey Into Anger" you will be guided to:

  • relax into your body
  • explore the true source of your anger
  • meet it with approval and self-compassion
  • create space find the primary emotion underneath
  • connect to your own humanness



What you'll receive

  • A guided meditation with music
  • A guided meditation without music


Included in Emotional Growth Journeys


NOTE: This is a digital product. There are no refunds.

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