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Heal In Partnership

Heal In Partnership

We Can Be Wounded in Relationship and We Can Heal in Relationship


Some people on a healing journey think...


A relationship will heal everything, that hurts, build your confidence and make your life better.


Sure having a long term relationship and partner in life can make a lot of life’s problems feel easier to overcome.


But if you feel insecure or in pain now a partner or relationship WILL NOT suddenly make you feel genuinely secure or heal what hurts deep down inside.


This doesn't mean you need to stay out of partnership either until you are free of insecurity, emotional pain and triggers. 


On the contrary, relationship can be the very place you can get some of the deepest healing.


How to Heal In Partnership


Ideal for: partnered people (or single/dating and curious) who have done some work on themselves already and gained awareness along their healing journey and want to deepen their own healing in partnership


This 33-page In-Depth Guidebook You Will Receive:

  • An overview of 5 unique ways I believe you can keep healing yourself while in partnership
  • 5 personal stories from my own experience in partnership
  • 5 explanations of the the unique ways you can keep healing yourself while in partnership and 5 succinct lessons
  • Reflection questions you type write into the guidebook (desktop only or save to files on phone) to go deeper with the lesson


NOTE: Due to the  digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 


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