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Heal While Dating

Heal While Dating

You don't need to be "healed" to find love.


How many times have you told yourself...


When I'm healed... then I'll...


Too often we can fall into the trap of believing we have to be so far along in our healing journeys before we can open ourselves to new opportunities that can move our love lives forward.


But that's just not true.


Now, there are very healthy scenarios in which people take time away from dating, romance and relationships to continue the work of healing and integrating pain from the past.


I fully support this.


But what about those of us who have been working on our relationship with ourselves and feel ready to get back out there? Ready to risk love again?


I wrote this in-depth guidebook because I finally realized I didn't have to choose between healing and seeking intimate relationships.


How to Heal While Dating


Ideal for: single people who have done some work on themselves already and gained awareness along their healing journey and are seeking intimate relationships


This 33-page In-Depth Guidebook You Will Receive:

  • An overview of 5 unique ways I believe you can keep healing yourself while dating and seeking partnership
  • 5 personal stories from my own dating life
  • 5 explanations of the the unique ways you can keep healing yourself while dating and 5 succinct lessons
  • Reflecton questions you can type right into the guidebook (desktop only) to go deeper with the lessons


NOTE: Due to the  digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 

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