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Create the Perfect Nervous System Care Kit

Create the Perfect Nervous System Care Kit

It’s a gross understatement to say that life is different since 2020.


There's so much we've gone through and continue to be challenged by and so much we can’t control.


During this time, I saw a remarkable uplevel of focus and attention on tending to our health and our self-care.


Now more than two years later even though we have more resources, information and clarity, that doesn't mean stress to our nervous system and issues with our mental and emotional health aren't still happening.


We can still have moments of feeling out of whack with our nervous systems.


Here's the thing, while we can't control or avoid life's twists and turns our self-care and regulating our nervous systems is in our hands.


It’s time to acknowledge that.


Over the course of my lifetime there were so many times when when nervous system was a wreck and I felt sad, afraid, in a funk or completely disconnected from my own needs.


During those times what made all the difference was self-care but I hit two hurdles:


1. Recognizing I needed self care in the first place, but in the moment not being able to
 2. After recognizing I need self-care taking action but didn't knowing what action to take


My self-care has evolved over the years and I can much more easily recognize when it is needed. Succeeding with the second hurdle, knowing what action to take, has been supported by creating my own nervous system care kit.


Create the Perfect Nervous System Care Kit (90 min)


What We'll Cover In the Class:

  • Understand or remind yourself why regulating the nervous systems and self-care is so important right now and always
  • Learn about the biology of stress and the nervous system
  • Learn what a nervous system care kit is and how to use it to meet your needs
  • Learn the the steps for creating a personalized nervous system care kit
  • Plan out the creation of your nervous system care kit


What's Included In Your Purchase:

  • Create the Perfect Nervous System Care Kit (Lifetime Access)
  • A Digital workbook to guide you through the training


This class is included in The Foundations program.


NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 

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