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Emotional Embodiment Journeys

Emotional Embodiment Journeys

"Feelings are something you have; not something you are."
--Shannon L. Alder


Difficult emotions can be like a fire inside we don't want to let get out of control. 


So we can reach for things outside of ourselves to keep them under control.


The thing is, after the busy work shift, at the bottom of the glass, when your date goes home, or when the credits start rolling on that TV show, the emotions you’ve pushed away inevitably bubble back to the surface and into your awareness.


For some this can lead to finding something else to extinguish the emotions rising back up. It can become a vicious and unhealthy cycle where  we never address, heal or integrate the emotions. 


What's at the heart of this behavior? Fear.


A fear of emotional stillness.

A fear that our emotions might swallow us up.

A fear of discovering something about ourselves we don't like.

A fear of facing ourselves.


Fear is an emotion to be honored and respected.


But, what if we allowed for emotional stillness? What if we let the difficult emotions be felt slowly and safely? 


Here's the thing: It's common to be more afraid of what you might feel, than the actual feelings that await you on the other side of emotional stillness


Here's another thing: Every difficult emotion has a gift waiting for you inside it if you give yourself the time and space to locate it


Emotional Embodiment Journeys


Indications: Avoidance of emotions , numbing out, disconnection with self, anxiety, fear


Healing Qualities: A safe space to explore and embody 5 difficult emotions, increased curiosity and compassion for self, emotional completion, self-discovery


In this emotional embodiment meditation bundle,  you will be guided to:

  • relax into your body
  • sit with your emotions
  • explore the true source of your emotions
  • meet them with curiosity and self-compassion
  • discover the gifts waiting for you inside these difficult emotions


What you'll receive

  • 5 guided meditations with music
  • 5 guided meditation without music


Looking for individual journeys? Go here.


NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 


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