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Diffuse Defenses

Diffuse Defenses

Defensiveness can get a bad rep in the world of conscious/healthy relating and intimacy but when we try to better understand this behavior we'll see its roots are very tender and there is a simple (but not always easy) reframe to redirect the tenderness beneath our defensiveness.


With Diffuse Defenses Scripts, you’ll always have an example of an empowered emotional response to use inplace of of an disempowering defensive reaction.


Emotional Growth Scripts are a compilation of the empowering language I use to navigate my stickiest conflicts in my life. 

These scripts are meant to support you along the way towards emotionally maturity and most importantly bring more empowerment, kindness, authenticity and assertiveness to your relationships with others.


What's included:

A PDF of..

  • 19 triggering scenarios that arouse defensiveness in relationships
  • examples of disempowering defensive reactions
  • explanations of what's really going on beneath the defensiveness
  • 20 "scripts" AKA the exact words to say so you can have an emotionally mature response when confronted by an emotional trigger


NOTE: Due to the  digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 


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