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At-Home PORTAL featuring Rose
  • At-Home PORTAL featuring Rose

    Experience a guided Rose journey from the comfort of your home with this digitalized PORTAL.


    What is PORTAL?


    PORTAL is a monthly women's group and flower essence journey circle in Nevada City, California. PORTAL is led by Michele Wellington who is a Flower Essence Practitioner in Training. PORTAL combines community, journey, self-discovery and vibrational threshold experiences all in service to you and your emotional integration work.  


    What this PORTAL is about:

    Finding joy and beauty in Life, cultivating a commitment to Life, using Rose as an ally for the hard times, surrendering + softness and deepening trust and faith in the process.


    What's Included In Your Purchase:


    • PORTAL featuring Rose Instructon Booklet (PDF)
    • An Introduction to Flower Essences (8 min audio)
    • The Rose Transmission (22 min audio)
    • The Rose Journey without music (34 min audio)
    • The Rose Journey with music (34 min audio)


    Please Note: It's recommended to pair this at-home PORTAL with my handcrafted Rose flower essence DEVOTION. If you'd like to purchase a small bottle of DEVOTION along with your PORTAL follow these directions:


    Step One: Add this at-home PORTAL to your cart now

    (On mobile tap the back button to return to this page)

    Step Two: Go here and add DEVOTION flower essence to your cart

    Step Three: Checkout


    You are also welcome to journey with Rose with your at-home PORTAL in other ways. I provide a list of options to do so in your at-home PORTAL materials. 

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