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What If It Were Easy?

Yesterday my partner and I signed a year lease on a house in Nevada City, California.

After living in cities for 17 years and also in conscious community for 7 I’m ready to try a different pace of living closer to nature and to build a stronger partnership and home with my partner.

The process of finding this place was effortless and we knew going into it, it had the potential to be challenging. The housing market is very competitive in that area and yet my partner saw this place on Zillow Monday, filled out the application, got a call from the landlord shortly after scheduled a viewing for Saturday and we signed the lease a few hours later.

When my partner sent me the link to this place I knew this was our next home. Through my growth work I’ve learned to not be overly confidence or attached to things I want but also to be laser focused with my desire and intention. This is a tricky pose for most.

When we were signing the lease yesterday I had some fear and doubt come up. I didn’t trust how smooth these was going. I didn’t trust how nice and open he was with us. I didn’t trust that he trusted us so quickly! Then I heard a very clear message, “Michele what if it was just easy?” and I relaxed and remembered this part of me I’m still healing that believes everything has to be a struggle.

So I’m leaning into this practice again. The practice of believing that what I want wants me and that things can be easy.

I’m still secretly waiting for some kind of bad news like this is too good to be true but with each hour that feeling gets weaker and weaker. Sharing gratitudes yesterday and a good nights sleep helped land off of this.

Swipe to see a picture our friends took of us on a hike in Grass Valley just last weekend. I was still undecided here. It’s amazing how fast things can move from uncertainty to “yeah this is right.”

Excited for this next chapter you!


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