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How To Make It Easy For People to Love You (pt. 1)

1. Esteem & Love Yourself First EXAMPLE: “I knew when we started this I didn’t see it as long term thing but I remained open to it.”

His words after he told me it was over.

I felt my cheeks get hot. I knew what that meant. I was feeling shame. I felt my self-esteem shatter and hit the floor.

I hated the reflection of myself I was seeing in this break up

Inside I felt like a discarded piece of trash.

I felt so low and continued to go lower for several months after.

💭REFLECTION: Months later I realized my lack of self-esteem (my opinion of myself and my abilities) made it really hard for this guy to love me. It’s natural for us to doubt ourselves occasionally but low self-esteem in dating and relationships can leave you feeling insecure and emotionally dependent. Make it easy for others to love you by loving yourself first. I’m sure you’ve heard the idea, “How can anyone else love you if you don’t love yourself first?”

🛠TOOL:Try diving head first into defining your own worth. My favorite teacher for self-worth work is Louise Hay. When you learn to see yourself as good (worthy) you can let go of trying to get love and attention from people and things to define your worth. Doing this worthiness work is another way to collect daily evidence and build a SOLID case for your deservingness in love and in life. Soon it won’t be case building. It will be as natural as breathing to know your own worth. And when it’s natural for you it comes natural to others and your surroundings will meet you there.


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