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More About Me

My Experience


  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Education

  • I am trained to facilitate Authentic Relating Games as well as a 1:1 and group present-moment transformational modality called Circling. 

  • I am a certified personal coach with a speciality in women's work, intimacy, desire and communication

  • I have a 13 year (and counting!) career teaching in urban elementary schools

  • I facilitate an SF-based monthly women's circle called The Women's Wake Up Club

  • I have been in a committed relationship for over three years

Random Facts


  • I love listening to and sharing music

  • I was a part time DJ while living in New York City 

  • I love dogs and cats equally

  • I'm vegan and love cooking without a recipe 

  • I've gone ice fishing on Lake Michigan

  • I've been substance-free for over three years

  • I'm a Generator in Human Design and a Type 6 on the Enneagram

  • I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2008 that has been in remission for the last 3 years 

  • I love doing photography

  • My superpower is physically and energetically cleaning spaces

This video has been deleted.
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