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Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm so glad you are here. Why am I here? I'm here to provide support and guidance to survivors of childhood wounding so that as adults, they can reunite with their personal power and use that power toward life fulfillment and building a better world. My childhood was great in many ways and difficult in others. The details of my particular challenges aren't super relevant for this intro. What's relevant to share is that I had emotional needs in my childhood that didn't get met consistently, so when I grew into a physical adult, I had the emotional consciousness of a needy child. I began experiencing the consequences of these unmet needs as soon as I got to college. Low confidence, troubled romantic relationships, unfulfilling work, mysterious health problems, and dis-ease dominated my reality. I set up walls to keep people out then I'd lower them and let too many people in. I depended too hard on people to save me then flip floppedto only relying on myself. I drank, worked, shopped, sexed, ate, scrolled my way over my feelings, and put extraordinary pressure on myself to be perfect in every way. When I discovered the world of personal development and self-help books, I entered an even more painful reality of obsessively looping through trying to fix and heal what I thought was broken in me. In just 2 years, I spent a shocking amount of money in the transformational coaching world and in the process became dependent on teachers, communities, and modalities to make me feel whole again. I'll admit, I made some wonderful changes and experienced some flashy "success"  during that time but was still deeply troubled by two things: (1) Deep down I still believed I was broken because there were deeper layers of integration and emotional healing work to do. What was different now was a growing awareness that the work needed to be sourced from within rather than without. (2) I was trying to start and sustain a business but kept starting and stopping, feeling like a fraud, "failing" at launches, and exhausting myself because all of what was emotionally unresolved for me expressed itself perfectly in my workings in business. With these realizations, more power, more vitality, and more expansion were possible for me. Then September of 2022, I hit an emotional bottom with a painful breakup of a long-term partnership and a simultaneous health crisis. I was at the lowest point I ever was physically and emotionally with an arsenal of coaching and healing tools at my disposal. And these tools helped move me forward a bit and gave me temporary relief, but it was short-lasting. In March 2023, I was called to work with a flower whose sole purpose was to help with grief, loss, and Death. It sounds kind of intense but the invitation was loving and gentle. I said yes and turned to this plant ally when I felt like I had nothing and no one else to turn to due to sheer emotional and physical exhaustion. I intentionally journeyed with this plant in the form of flower essence (a liquid elixer with the vibrational signature of the plant) and many more in succession and gratefully received the lessons and subtle medicine they uniquely hold. I also used the battery of coaching and healing tools I had cultivated over the years and found the breakup had unearthed deep unresolved childhood trauma. During this time of healing and integration, unbeknownst to me, I developed a unique framework to engage fully with pain that was finally ready to be alchemized. On the other side of this journey realized I had a unique relationship with flower essences that my calling to share this vibrational medicine with everyone who wants it is real. When I committed to integration coaching and flower essence work business suddenly became way less complicated and ceased being something I had to figure out. From these areas of initiation come the offerings I share with you today. Learn more below...

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The Offerings


This is my framework/method for coaching and mentorship. Integration Arts will increase your facility with your emotions, support you to integrate the past, and provide the scaffolding to (re)build relationships of any kind from the ground up. What's Included: Guided work + holding with flower essences, embodiment practices, nervous system healing, inner family work, deeper work and refinement on needs, self-esteem, identity, emotional maturity, healing heartbreak and exquisite self-care


This program takes everything inside Integration Arts applies it to your endeavors in business as well as your creative expansion and expression in the world. Business Led By Wholeness will bring all the benefits of tending to your emotional world into creating and sustaining a business that falls into your definition of success.​ What we'll work on: Guided work + holding with flower essences, guidance on the application of Integration Arts in business, merging the spiritual and practical in your business, authentic creations and offerings, marketing from wholeness and selling with integrity, interdependent business energetics, integrative vibrational plant journeys, stewarding a Business Led by Wholeness.

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