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Wholeness Coach & Embodiment Guide Michele Wellington of Women Can Heal invites you into the club of "Emotional Awakening", the process of becoming aware of and releasing conditioned patterns, beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck and reliving the same experiences and painful feelings. The Women's Wake Up Club's mission is to bring education, emotional growth work in our love lives and community together as a vehicle for healing, happiness, full self-expression and fulfillment for women.

"In this episode Kate and Catherine interview Michele Wellington of "Women Can Heal" about how to date with depth. Dating with depth means dating with intent, dating in alignment with your values and honoring yourself. If you've been curious about how to bring depth to what seems like a shallow dating world, this episode is for you along with how to truly find and fall in love with your aligned partner."


"Our conversation today dives into Michele’s unique approach to emotional growth, belief work, the importance of mindset, and the impact of language. Michele has intimately built her business based on her values.


Here’s what we discussed in the episode:


  • Vulnerability and having difficult conversations

  • Foundations and Principles of Woman Can Heal

  • How Michele reckons with personal challenges in business

  • Tricks on recognizing and coping with negative thoughts

  • How the language you chose to use is important"

"Michele Wellington is an Emotional Growth Coach and Dating & Relationship Expert. Her method of recovery, Embodied Womanhood, helps women to live their purpose with emotionally mature consciousness.

Michele is also the host of the Women's Wake Up Club, a podcast that brings emotional growth work into our love lives.

She’s joining us to discuss how you can have emotionally mature relationships with your clients."

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