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A Women Can Heal Masterclass

How to Have  an Enlightened AF Relationship

More Secure and More Powerful in Your Love Life and Beyond


If you're a woman caught in the same negative dating and relationship cycles then you don't want to miss this masterclass.


You thought the date went amazing.

You thought you had a connection.

But your date hasn’t responded to your last message or reached out.

There’s that familiar sinking feeling in your stomach.

You think, “Why is this happening again?”


Or perhaps…


You’re with the person you know you want to be with.

You want to make it work but you’re struggling in the relationship.

Anxious thoughts about losing the relationship keep you up at night.

You desperately want harmony but keep having the same argument over and over again and you’re ready for ease and stability in your relationship.


“Enlightenment” might sound a little too abstract to you when it comes to dating and relationships but in concrete way it means finding or creating a relationship that is

(1) enjoyable

(2) healthy

(3) successful (according to your definition of success)


Pretty simple right?




If you don’t have this enlightened relationship right now you might be actively dating and feeling tired or drained from the emotional rollercoaster of engaging with your love life.


If you're in a relationship now you might be having challenges, feeling anxious about losing them or having the same argument over and over again and ready for some ease and stability.


I totally get it.


I was once where you are now. I had hit a bottom after many failed relationships before I could make some real changes that helped me step into the relationship I have now. 


I want you to know there's absolutely nothing wrong with you. You aren’t broken and your love life is not hopeless. 

What I think you need the right information that lays out a step by step approach to dating and love that will have you feeling like a winner whatever your relationship status be.


I want to invite you behind the scenes into my history and the transformation I went through in my love life. This masterclass will give you pathway to finding or creating and enlightened AF relationship even after many many years of struggle.

How to Know If This Masterclass Is For You?



  ✔️You feel stressed about your love life

  ✔️You feel frustrated by your own self-sabotaging behaviors

  ✔️You're doubting good partner and relationship exists 

  ✔️You're willing to look inward and ask hard questions

  ✔️You're ready to step into a healthy, loving and lasting relationship


What We'll Cover In This Masterclass

What "enlightenment" means inside of dating and relationships

What’s really driving your feelings, thoughts and actions in dating and relationships

What's holding you back from the enlightened relationship you seek

pathway to enlightened AF dating and relationships that will empower and inspire you

Hear from some Women Can Heal clients and community members who took action to implement what I'm going to teach you in this training...

OverPage-0 111.png

Hi! I'm Michele.

I'm a coach, writer and the founder of Women Can Heal and I've learned the art finding love by radically healing and transforming my life over the last ten years. (You'll definitely learn more about my story during the training!)


I know what it's like to feel frustrated in your love life as a single woman. To be ghosted, to chase unavailable men, and told "I'm just not ready for a relationship." I also know what it feels like to feel frustrated and scared as a woman in partnership. To have the same argument over and over again with your partner and feel terrified of losing the relationship.


Without having to compromise on my worth or values, I finally discovered how to find and design the love life I deserved. I'm now in a passionate, soulful and committed relationship with a wonderful man I'm proud and grateful to wake up next to each morning. I'm going to teach you how I did that in this masterclass.


I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback!






How to Have  an Enlightened AF Relationship

More Secure and More Powerful in Your Love Life and Beyond

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