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A Women Can Heal Self-Paced Workshop

Dating & Relationship
 by Design

5 Fundamental Principles of Working with Desire to Design a Dating Life & Relationships of Health, Pleasure and Fulfillment

You might be needing some inspiration in your love life right now.  Discover (or rediscover) the power of your Desire and learn how to use it as a catalyst to design a life of love, intimacy, pleasure and fulfillment.

What is Desire?

Desires. We all have desires whether we are aware of them or not. We can desire items, a specific type of food, a relationship, landing a dream job and so much more. 


Desire is a force powerful enough to bring about true change in your life. When you have the knowledge and skill to work with it effectively it can take you to places in your dating and relationships you never even dreamed of. 

In this  training come explore your true desires in dating and relationships by learning 5 fundamental principles you need to uncover and work with your own desire and design the love life you want even during all this uncertainty.

Have you...


noticed you've played small and asked for less than what you want?


felt unworthy of the things that you really want in your love life?


shut down your urges if they go against what you think you should want?

.ever sabotaged your romantic life when you had the opportunity to receive exactly what you wanted?



with the power of your desire and learn 5 fundamental principles for working with Desire to design a healthy, passionate and fulfilling romantic life.


In this class we will explore and answer the following questions:

What is Desire?

What isn't Desire?

Where does Desire originate?

What is the language of Desire?

How do you work with Desire?

 How can you design your love life using Desire?

You will receive the recorded training and a digital workbook to guide you

Hear from some Women Can Heal clients and community members who took action to implement what I'm going to teach you in this training...

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Hi! I'm Michele.

I'm an Emotional Embodiment Guide and Coach for Women at Women Can Heal and I've learned the art finding love by radically healing and transforming my life over the last ten years. (You'll definitely learn more about my story during the training!)


I know what it's like to feel frustrated in your love life as a single woman. To be ghosted, to chase unavailable men, and told "I'm just not ready for a relationship." I also know what it feels like to feel frustrated and scared as a woman in partnership. To have the same argument over and over again with your partner and feel terrified of losing the relationship.


Without having to compromise on my worth or values, I finally discovered how to find and design the love life I deserved. I'm now in a passionate, soulful and committed relationship with a wonderful man I'm proud and grateful to wake up next to each morning. 


I'm looking forward hearing your feedback on the training!

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Dating & Relationship
 by Design

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