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“This course revealed a lot about myself and I am so grateful for the expanded awareness!” 


-TRANSFORM Summer 2019 Participant

Are you stuck?

Is there an area of your love life that you struggle with?

Is it meeting men? Is it meeting men you feel compatible with? Finding men who want more than a short liaison


Do you keep trying to make changes to improve your love life and no matter what you try you always, (sooner or later) revert back to the way it was? 


Or maybe you’re not sure why you can’t and in a healthy committed relationship, you’re just stuck and not sure how to get unstuck.

Have you tried a myriad of methods to deal with the stress or uncertainty in your love life?

Have you tried any of these?

✔️yoga  ✔️tai chi  ✔️meditation ✔️more exercise

✔️astrology  ✔️tarot cards ✔️getting more rest  

✔️wellness retreats ✔️going on vacation ✔️drinking and smoking less 

✔️eating better   ✔️taking vitamins ✔️self-help books 

✔️dating and relationship courses ✔️massages or body work 

✔️making a vision board on Pinterest ✔️ collecting inspirational quotes

✔️getting out in nature ✔️following wellness influencers on instagram

What about any of these?

  • bottling up your feelings 

  • ignoring this problems by getting busy

  • pretending everything is fine

  • lowering your overall standards with men

  • staying silent in the relationship to keep from rocking the boat

  • overanalyzing what you're doing wrong late at night

These methods and others might help relieve your stress for a short time but really do little to correct the root cause of it.

Because you might still find yourself lost after trying all these things.


Because let's be honest. The mind is a very clever system, full of beliefs designed to keep you safe and alive.


We can actually take a moment to be grateful for our minds because they've gotten us this far in life. 

The problem though is this:

When you have ongoing issues in your love life you can't seem to break free from 

as hard as you try to fix something on the outside you won't be able to make a change if you don't transform on the inside.

So, if you feel stuck, trapped or at your wits end in dating and relationships you might be missing a simple yet essential piece of your healing.


The root cause of any stress or anxiety around an issue in your life is faulty thinking

What is Faulty Thinking? Well, it includes one or more of the following:


Negative Self Talk 

"I’m not the kind of person that could be someone’s #1" "I need to protect myself from men. They will hurt and reject me." "I’m too old and too fat to be desirable to men." "I’ll just keep making the same mistakes and never get this right"


Having Unrealistic Expectations 

He should be willing to fight for you. He should remember everything you tell him. He should always know what you’re thinking. He should want to settle down by now.

"Shoulding" Yourself 

You think you should do this and should do that in dating. Or you constantly live life based off what your mom, dad, partner or society thinks you should do in your love life.

Taking Things Personally

You go on a first date with someone you really like and they don't ask you for a second date and you swear off dating for the next 6 months. 

After reading those you might be thinking...

"Hm. That's totally me..."

If this is totally you I have some good news! You can transform the pain of this faulty thinking about your dating life into power so you can begin attracting the healthy love you want and deserve.

And here is the even better news. 


You can do it in 5 steps and you don't have to do it alone.

I created TRANSFORM just for you

TRANSFORM is a 6-week alchemical experience for just 6 women that is designed to illuminate the root causes of your ongoing stress in dating and relationships and teach you how to free yourself from the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that have been holding you back from the committed relationship you seek.

Who is TRANSFORM for?

  • Single Women who seek a longterm intimate partner

  • Ambitious Women who want more clarity and direction in their love life

  • Courageous women who want an emotional breakthrough around their past relationships

  • Empathic women who want to transform their pain to power

NOTE: What these women have in common is that they are all ready to stop living in stress and uncertainty and start living the extraordinary lives they are meant to live.


During the program I will take you through my signature

 Five Step Approach to Lasting Transformation


Here is a preview of the work we will do together:

Level 1: Goodness

“Regardless of what you may think about yourself, regardless of what you’ve been told, or taught to believe, there is nothing wrong with you and there never was.”

-Teal Swan

The Spiritual Catalyst 

Level 2: Awareness

Our wounds are often the opening to the best and most beautiful parts of ourselves. Once we can see the meaning we crafted out of the circumstances we endured we are then ready to rewrite our experiences and gain a whole different perspective.

Level 3: Potential

“Recognizing the lies we've come to accept about ourselves is the key to growing into a better version of ourselves.”

-Rachel Hollis

Author of Girl Wash Your Face

Level 4: Power

“Our greatest fear is not that we are the lies we tell ourself. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”


-Marianne Williamson 

Author, Speaker & Activist

Level 5: Homecoming

Each of us, in our own way, is granted a unique lens into the universe, spirit, force, power greater than us that made us. As you come home to yourself, it is now your job to occupy your spot of truth, love, potential and power more and more fully - as you were truly intended. 


“I enrolled in TRANSFORM because I had a big desire for a relationship.

The coaching, journaling exercises, personal sharing on the video calls was most valuable to me. For any woman on the fence about enrolling I would say you can try to solve your problems all alone OR you can get real community support from women who are seeking answers just like you, guided by a caring, insightful coach like Michele.”

-TRANSFORM Summer 2019 Participant

“I loved our calls and the sisterhood with the ladies. Michele was great in keeping us on track and there was a breakthrough on every call!”

- TRANSFORM Summer 2019 Participant

What You'll Learn and Do in TRANSFORM

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 12.44.01

What's included in TRANSFORM? 

  • 6 Live Virtual Group Calls Sundays 11am PST to 1pm PST for the duration of the 6 week program ($750 value)

  • Intimate course limited to 6 women

  • Inspiring lecture, stimulating dialogue, powerful coaching and experiential exercises/homework

  • A private Facebook group with daily support from Michele

  • Access to a digital library with replay videos, handouts and other resources to review during and after the course

Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns

I really want coaching but it's often too expensive.

  • Group programs are the most affordable way to go! I am scaling the cost of coaching across a group of participants, passing the savings on through significantly lower individual costs. The more people that sign up, the more people there are to share the costs of my time, energy, and services.  It’s a win-win for everyone. Flexible payment plans are also available. Just talk to me about it.

Is this group therapy? 

  • No. This is an educational course with coaching. While I do have a Psychology Degree and Masters of Education, I am not a licensed mental health professional and I do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health services that would require a license. What I do is provide education and coaching services that often result in substantial learning and life transformation.

I'm interested but I don't really like getting vulnerable in groups.

  • There is power in sharing our stories. For many women, their stories are locked and buried deep within them with few outlets to express. When you take a risk and share in a well held and safe community you can be seen and heard and those are often the first steps toward healing. And of course I tell all women I work with that you have the choice to share as much or as little as you want. Just remember that having more skin in the game raises the stakes and the likelihood of high rewards and big transformation. Finally, if groups are not your thing there is also an option for a one-on-one private adaptation for this program. Please contact me for details. 

I am working with a therapist already. Is it ok to take a course like this?

  • ABSOLUTELY! And... I would mention it to your therapist. Here are my thoughts. Working with both a therapist and a coach simultaneously can be a wonderful and complementary experience. In therapy, we get to look at every part of ourselves that has shaped us into the person we are.  In coaching experiences like this, we get to look at who we are in this moment AND who we want to be.  Having both a therapist and coaching experiences like this can support each other as knowing how you came to be where you are will often help you become the person you want to be.

What if I can't make a call?

  • TRANSFORM is designed for you to have a dramatic and lasting life transformation. It's for women who are committed to doing whatever it takes to have an extraordinary life. Each call, assignment, exercise is included in this program to ensure your success. I strongly encourage all participants to do what she can to attend all calls to get the maximum benefit out of the course. With that being said, participants are permitted to miss one call. Missing more than one (outside an emergency) will result in you being dropped from the course with no refund. 

Six weeks seems like a short amount of time to get all of this done. Can you promise me the results I'm looking for?

  • I wouldn’t be offering TRANSFORM if I didn’t feel highly confident that I could help you turn your pain to power by working with your thoughts and emotional blockages. With that being said, your transformation ultimately depends on you to do the work here. That means showing up and engaging as much as you can with this stuff. Our classroom experiences and coaching are meant to deliver you the tools to get the continued outcomes you want without needing me after the program completes. So yes, I believe TRANSFORM will lead you to the things you are looking for. Whether you want me there for the duration of your journey is a bridge we can cross later.


"I loved participating in Michele's program.


I'm really committed to creating amazing relationships and I know that can't happen with the examples I learned growing up. Michele is open, honest and present, creating a comfortable, loving space. The exercises she led were authentic and impactful. She allows me as a participant to experience the shift and education by asking the right questions instead of blinding lecturing. Michele is a lovely person and a fantastic relationship coach. I can't wait for my next program with her!"

Alysia L.

Executive Assistant at COUTURME

Are You Ready For Transformation?

TRANSFORM is available to 6 women and I will only be enrolling women who are committed to their health, happiness and healing and who are ready to stop living in their stress and uncertainty and start living an extraordinary life.

Book a Discovery call if this is you. But before you do that. Take a moment to ask yourself these four important questions:

1. Do I really want to transform my life right now?

2. Can I find a quiet place for my Discovery Call?

3. Can I show up on time for my Discovery Call?

4. Am I committed to my healing, growth and fulfillment?

About Your Facilitator

Michele Wellington is a certified personal coach at Women Can Heal, a facilitator of conscious communities and the founder of The Women’s Wake Up Club. A seeker and practitioner of life, she has learned the art of self-healing by radically transforming her life over the last ten years. Read more about her story here.

Michele brings precision, raw truth, fierce loyalty and immense love to the women she works with. She is kind, supportive and patient, yet also firmly reflective, encouraging you past any distractions you have around your awakening, healing, desire and purpose.

She will have your back in wake-up more than perhaps anyone you'll ever meet in a lifetime. She has extraordinary intuitive knowing combined with a commitment to her calling to support women in returning home to the happiest healthiest versions of themselves. 


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Begin your journey with a comprehensive study of "Girl Consciousness", 

the source of emotional immaturity for women, discover where you fall on the scale and awaken to a new and more empowered way to live and love.

Session One
Image by Eric Ward


Explore the birth and evolution of your recurring emotional patterns. Own their origin and in the process release and alchemize any residual shame and attachment to this thinking and these behaviors making you fully ready and able to step into emotional maturity.

Session Two
Image by Rendy Novantino


The pathway to emotional mastery is creating structures that help you stay emotionally clear, hear the voice of your inner being and bring your authentic self out into the world Design an emotional growth practice and a unique emotional safety plan that will keep you in tune with your vision and in alignment with emotional maturity.

Session Three
Image by Jason Blackeye


Emotional Maturity means nothing if it can't be practiced inside of emotionally mature relationship with others. In this session learn a formula to practice emotionally mature communication with power, grace and ease so you can use language to honor yourself and the ones you love.

Session Four
Image by Chema Photo


Just like businesses need to take regular inventory to run well, humans must do the same with their thoughts, emotions and actions. In this session learn four practices that will support you in inventorying your fears, desires, gratitude and needs so you can stay emotionally clear and maintain your emotional growth. 

Session Five
Image by Mathilde Langevin

Needs-To-Self-Care Inventory

One of the most challenging things about taking care of ourselves is knowing our needs and matching it to the right action. Use this practice to do just that.

Session Four
Image by Darius Bashar

Aligned Action Scheduling

The biggest thing I hear from people is the reason why they can't improve their own emotional well-being or meet their emotional needs is "I don't have time." Use this practice to make that time.

Day Seven
Image by Jessica Lewis


Emotional management and development begins in the body. In this session learn what it really means to be embodied along with practices to strengthen your connection to and journey back to the body.

Session One
Image by Zoe


If starting your day is frequently difficult use this practice to begin your day with a clear head and an open heart. If getting into bed feels like crossing the finish line after a half-marathon use this practice to close the day, ground and ease into a restful sleep.

Session Three
Image by Lux Graves


If you're consistently feeling drained and wrung out use this practice to locate and account for the exact places you're using your energy so you can take responsibility and account for it and make adjustments to resource yourself as needed if you've become emotionally depleted.

Session Four
Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 4.13.09 PM.png


Life is busy and can speed up to a point where we disconnect from ourselves and our emotions. There is so much power in the pause and reconnecting to ourselves. In this session learn to use centering and stillness as emotional growth practice to stay emotionally grounded and in alignment.

Session Two


Just like businesses need to take regular inventory to run well, humans must do the same with their thoughts, emotions and actions. In this session learn four practices that will support you in inventorying your fears, desires, gratitude and needs so you can stay emotionally clear and maintain your emotional growth. 

Session Five
Image by Mathilde Langevin

Needs-To-Self-Care Inventory

One of the most challenging things about taking care of ourselves is knowing our needs and matching it to the right action. Use this practice to do just that.

Session Four
Image by Darius Bashar

Aligned Action Scheduling

The biggest thing I hear from people is the reason why they can't improve their own emotional well-being or meet their emotional needs is "I don't have time." Use this practice to make that time.

Day Seven
Image by Jessica Lewis

Triggers & Takeovers


We all have an emotional landscape that is inhabited  our inner family. We can be aware of this inner family or not. In this session receive an introduction to the inner family and the key role they play in managing emotional triggers and takeovers.

Session One


Triggers and stress express themselves through the body and to regain emotional safety and security we can also use the body. In this session learn what it means to be embodied along with body-based trigger processing tools.

Session Two


If it's hysterical, it's historical. When it comes to emotional triggers the "thing" is never the thing. In this session learn a powerful tool to uncover the underlying historical layer and fears that must be tended to in order to process emotional triggers effectively.

Session Three


There's a misconception that we have feelings that inform our beliefs but it's actually our beliefs about a situation that can trigger our strong emotions. In this session learn a trigger processing tool to reframe beliefs and clear emotional charge.

Session Four


An emotional trigger is the ultimate signal that something's unresolved in you. Completion is the goal. In this session learn a trigger processing tool to help you work thought acute upset, anger and frustration and finally complete what's incomplete within.

Session Five
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