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Journey Into Sadness

Journey Into Sadness

Included in Emotional Growth Journeys


When our hearts are sad it's very common for us to want that feeling to go away.


We might think to ourselves:


"I shouldn't be feeling this."

"I should be over this by now."

"I don't like how this feels"

"Maybe I just need to distract myself."


Our we might hear from others who are uncomfortable with this emotion say:


"Cheer up!"

"It could be worse."

"Look at all the other things you have to be grateful for."

"What can I do to fix it?"


These are some examples of the internal and sometimes external messages we get when this very real emotion arises and wants to express itself.



The truth is sadness is a raw, pure and useable emotion that when harnessed properly can connect us to deep parts of our humanity and aid us in the healthy grieving process.


There are wonderful gifts and insights buried within this difficult emotion.


Journey Into Sadness


Indications: Feeling uprooted, disconnected or displaced, grief, despondency, despair, stuck in self-pity,  sudden changes in life such as a loss of a loved one, relationships, one's home or business due to circumstances beyond one's control 


Healing Qualities: A safe space to grieve, approval for the grieving process, love, self-compassion


In this 15-minute emotional growth meditation, "A Journey Into Sadness" you will be guided to:

  • relax into your body
  • explore the true source of your sadness
  • meet it with self-compassion
  • create space to grieve a loss
  • connect to your own humanness



What you'll receive

  • A guided meditation with music
  • A guided meditation without music


NOTE: This is a digital product. There are no refunds.

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