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Empowered Dating

Empowered Dating

Have you ever been stumped by what to say in certain dating situations? Interested in someone but not ready to kiss yet? Not feeling a spark and wanting to be direct and kind? With Empowered Dating Scripts, you’ll always have an example of an empowered response for your most pressing online and offline dating scenarios.


Emotional Growth Scripts are a compilation of the empowering language I've used to handle my most pressing love life scenarios while dating and seeking partnership. 

These scripts are meant to support you along the way towards emotionally maturity and most importantly bring more empowerment, kindness, authenticity and assertiveness to your relationships with romantic potentials.


What's included:

A PDF of 30 "scripts" AKA the exact words to say for 12 unique dating situations that can be tough to navigate.


Bundle this with Conscious Relationship Scripts and save.


Included in The Emotional Growth Bundle


NOTE: Due to the nature of this digital product there are no refunds.

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