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At-Home PORTAL featuring Rosemary
  • At-Home PORTAL featuring Rosemary

    Experience a guided Rosemary journey from the comfort of your home with this digitalized PORTAL.


    What is PORTAL?


    PORTAL is a monthly women's group and flower essence journey circle in Nevada City, California. PORTAL is led by Michele Wellington who is a Flower Essence Practitioner in Training. PORTAL combines community, journey, self-discovery and vibrational threshold experiences all in service to you and your emotional integration work.  


    What this PORTAL is about:


    Themes we’ll be exploring are embodying the passions of our spirit, strengthening our sense of belonging as it relates to the expression of our unique gifts as well as focus, motivation and self-confidence in our creative and personal pursuits.
    Rosemary is a particularly powerful ally for entrepreneurs, creatives or anyone with a vision or goals.


    What's Included In Your Purchase:


    • PORTAL featuring Rosemary Guide (PDF)
    • An Introduction to Flower Essences (8 mins audio)
    • The Rosemary Transmission (9 mins audio audio)
    • The Rosemary Journey without music (30 mins audio)
    • The Rosemary Journey with music (30 mins audio)


    Please Note: It's recommended to pair this at-home PORTAL with my handcrafted Rosemary flower essence PRESENCE. If you'd like to purchase a smaller bottle of PRESENCE along with your PORTAL follow these drections:


    Step One: Add this AT-HOME PORTAL to your cart now

    (On mobile tap the back button to reurn to this page)

    Step Two: Go here and add PRESENCE flower essence to your cart

    Step Three: Checkout


    You are also welcome to journey with Rosemary with your at-home PORTAL in other ways. I provide a list of several options to do so in your at-home PORTAL materials. 

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