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How to Journey With
Your Flower Essence

Plants carry ancient teachings and wisdom and bring unique gifts to the world.

Allied Healing Apothecary offers flower essence remedies to support you in receiving these gifts and embodying the teachings and wisdom.


We call this "Journeying".


To journey with your essence:


1. Pick a day or evening to start taking your essence and mark it on your calendar. As a reminder, you take 4 drops 4 times a day. These drops can be ingested through the mouth and through the skin.

2. Before you take your first dose sit in stillness, breathe and ground with your bottle of flower essence. You may want to include any other rituals you have to clear your space and clear yourself. This could include getting into water, smudging or energy clearing practices. Tune into where you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Tune into what drew you to this plant ally/these plant allies and how you believe it/they can support you. Tune into desired outcome(s) for your journey.


3. Set a clear intention for your journey. Record it. You can use a journal or a note on your phone. 


4. Once you're fully grounded and clear in your intention, take your first dose (4 drops) and go about your life. While this is subtle energy medicine it's very common to notice the energy of the plants on your first dose depending on your sensitivity. 

5. It's recommended to journey with your essence for 30 days. During this time use your journal or note in your phone to record everything that feels relevant to your work with the plant(s). Be sure to mark the date of each recording. This can include events, interactions, dreams, conversations, something you read in a book, something you hear, something you see, insights that come to you etc...


6. At the end of your 30 days take time to reflect on your journey. The following questions can help you do this.

* Who were you before you started working with this essence? What was most stuck, challenging or unhappy in your life? 


* How have you grown, changed, or gained insight over the course of your flower essence journey in relation to your intention?

* What did you discover about yourself on your flower essence journey?

* What does your spirit say is next for you?

* What are three ways you plan to continue to integrate your flower essence journey?

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