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Ready to lower your anxiety and

manage your emotions with greater ease? 

The secret is in cultivating your emotional embodiment.


A LIVE group program ideal for sensitive, aware and growth-oriented women that offers a clear pathway to facility with your emotions, integration and wholeness.

here's the thing...

If you're a sensitive, aware and growth-oriented woman...

You probably already know path to great relationships starts by creating a great relationship with yourself.


But what you might not realize is that everything you do to grow yourself and improve your love life relies on your emotional awareness and level of emotional maturity and if you don't have those two things in place, you’ll find yourself spinning your wheels, repeating the same painful dating and relationship scenarios and no closer to the inner peace and stability you want.


As sensitive, aware and growth-oriented women we know how hard it can be:


To understand, regulate and express emotions.

The difficult process of realizing we have unresolved wounding and trauma later in our lives.


Unlearning all the harmful coping strategies we built up in relationship to protect ourselves.

And the frustration of wanting to become more secure in your attachment style but feeling trapped in your familiar ways of being.

These are all signs that emotional awareness and maturity need some work.

Here’s what no one talks about when it comes to healing and building healthy relationships, it’s actually quite hard.

Now, I don’t say this to scare you but I’m about truth and the truth is many of us aren't born into families where we're modeled and taught this stuff. Building healthy relationships and finding inner peace inside of them takes time and a commitment, but the results of a solid emotional awareness and well developed emotional maturity will fortify you far beyond your love life and sustain the BIG visions, dreams and desires you have for your whole life for years to come.


Here's some good news...

you don't have to worry any longer about how you're going to "fix" this and you don't have to do this alone. In fact, with guided instruction and a supportive community you can not only have more maturity, presence and peace in your love life but also save yourself a bunch of time, heartache and overwhelm as you grow to master your emotions.

Let's take a moment to see if you're in the right place...

🌲You’ve already spent time and $$$ in therapy and it's helped but you're still having trouble applying this to romantic relationships 

🌲You’ve Googled all the things from "how to heal the abandonment wound" "how to manage emotions" "what is shadow work?" "how to lower anxiety in relationships" "how do I heal trauma?" to "how to be vulnerable" and honestly, still completely lost with the direction of your healing

🌲You've read Attached (or other books like it) a couple times and wonder deep down "Will they leave me because of this?" "How do I heal?" "How do I stop doing this?"

🌲You've followed the helpful Instagram pages, read Psychology Today regularly, taken a course or worked with a coach but all without a clear understanding of the true source of your emotional struggles and still wonder who you are

🌲 And if you’re anything like me in the beginning you got obsessed with your healing and made yourself a project to "fix" because you know you potential and sense there's so much more possible for your life

So it leaves you feeling unchecked with your emotions and negative about yourself, struggling to relax in your romantic life and lacking closure and a sense identity.

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Your Emotional Mastery is Important

With a solid foundation of emotional awareness and commitment to emotional maturity...

🌾You will get to know yourself on an intimate level

🌾You will be OK with being alone

🌾You will become more secure in your emotions

🌾You will live a better life than you're living now

🌾You will find or create the partnership you seek

🌾You will find stability and inner peace

🌾You will feel free and confident to be yourself

You might think emotional maturity means going through life never having one more "bad" emotion and having relationships that are conflict-free and always smooth sailing.

This is a misconception.

Emotional maturity is so much more than that and women have started tapping into the true healing power of not only growing their emotional maturity but becoming masterful in their emotions in and out of romantic relationships.


It's time experience healthy relationships and enjoy greater inner peace because that is really what emotional master is all about. 

Having trouble with unregulated emotions, communication skills, breaking self-sabotaging patterns and resolving old wounding?

The fact is your emotional maturity is either developed, underdeveloped or non-existent- yes, educating yourself is great but if you're still struggling it's usually a sign that your emotional work isn’t complete.

It’s a never-ending cycle unless we resolve it today.

3 Reasons Growth-Oriented Women Continue to Struggle With Emotions and Relationships







When you focus on increasing your emotional awareness and building healthy relationships rooted in resolving the past, self-love and emotional maturity the possibilities are endless...


"I found myself needing a certain level of accountability and real-time feedback. I had been in the dating world for some time and feeling frustrated in intimate relationships. I got to a point where I didn’t want that to be my story anymore and I wanted a relationship that had fulfillment, sustainability, and meaning. I knew I needed help though. Michele was able to gently guide me to perspectives on both myself and the situation that I was able to take in, consider, and form my own decisions and actions. As we continued, I began to understand myself more, make observations and begin to hold accountability. I have been able to connect the dots in previous work I had done, better communicate without defensive emotions ruling, have a sense of curiosity and able stand in discomfort. It was wonderful to work specifically with Michele. She was always in my corner but also knew how to nudge me in a direction that would be beneficial to my growth without provoking my ego."



"I experienced a big breakthrough about myself that I knew had been present since a young age but I did not understand fully how significantly it had manifested in relationships, romantic or not. Now that I'm armed with this knowledge, I feel more confident in understanding myself, my actions and reactions, my wants and needs, and how to better communicate with my partner. Working with Michele was so wonderful. She creates a fun, comfortable environment while providing sincere and thoughtful support. She knows how to inspire and push those in her classes to dig deeper, explore more, continue searching and working on ways to better themselves and the knowledge of themselves while also maintaining and respecting boundaries and sensitivities."

emotional mastery - good (1).png

A self-paced program inside the Women Can Heal Embodied Womanhood curriculum for women who are tired of feeling triggered, sad, hopeless, alone or anxious in their romantic lives and want to better manage emotions, step into courageous vulnerability, regain a sense of control and return to a place of freedom, joy and inner peace.

I've taken everything I've experienced over the last 15 years as a sensitive, aware and growth-oriented woman seeking healing and fulfilling relationship and everything I've learned and refined from the past five years as an emotional growth coach and mentor for women serving clients to do the very important work to heal and shift their inner world so they can change their outer worlds.

This program is the same roadmap I used to grow my emotional awareness and grow out of my emotional immaturity so I could finally have the stable partnership I have now.

Emotional Mastery is an opportunity to really

get to know yourself on the most intimate level. 

Sure, you’re going to learn the exact step-by-step pathway to build emotional awareness, grow your maturity and deepen your relationship skills but more than that... you’ll get to know who you really are and knowing who you are to your core is the most important thing you need to have intimate relationships with others.

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The End Result

A sense of self that is secure and integrated that your ideal or current partner will be magnetized to!

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 5.02.52 PM.png



Spend the first week orienting yourself to the program, getting to know other program participants and setting a powerful vision for you and your program.


  • Tap into a pool of love, sisterhood and accountability 

  • Learn about the visioning process when it comes to transformational work

  • Write an outcome statement for Emotional Mastery

Week One
Sunset Portrait



Begin your journey with a comprehensive study of "Girl Consciousness", 

the source of emotional immaturity for women, discover where you fall on the scale and awaken to a new and more empowered way to live and love.


  • Receive a comprehensive study of “Girl Consciousness”

  • Understand what it means to be an “Embodied Woman”

  • Locate where you are on the Women Can Heal Emotional Maturity Scale (WCH-EMS)

Week Two
Image by Eric Ward


Explore the birth and evolution of your recurring emotional patterns. Own their origin and in the process release and alchemize any residual shame and attachment to these coping strategies making you fully ready and able to move forward into emotional maturity.


  • Identify your emotional raw spots

  • Complete an Emotional Growth Audit

  • Write your origin story

Week Three
Image by Rendy Novantino


The path to emotional mastery is in attuning to our emotional landscape and this landscape consists of inner family members who have unique emotional needs. Learn to work with them and grow your emotional maturity in the process.


  • Understand the link between meeting your needs and growing your emotional maturity

  • Connect with your inner emotional world by meeting your inner family

  • Understand the needs of your inner family

Week Four
Image by Jason Blackeye


Emotional Maturity means nothing if it can't be practiced inside of relationship. In this session learn a formula to practice emotionally mature communication with power, grace and ease so you can use language to honor yourself and the ones you love.


  • Understand the components of an emotionally mature relationship

  • Explore your capacity for emotionally mature relationship

  • Learn the language of emotionally mature relationship

Week Five
Image by Chema Photo


Integrate and digest the course by reflecting on your past and your future. Lay the foundation for continued progress and growth with your emotional mastery by making agreements and commitments to continue the work in the areas of your life you specify. 


  • Learn the three steps in the art of self-commitment 

  • Review and Reflect on your past and future 

  • Commit to your next steps to embody what you've learned

Week Six
Sunset Portrait

You'll be supported every step of the way inside

Emotional Mastery with these course components and access to additional course bonuses...

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 5.29.16 PM.png
  • 6 LIVE Calls Sundays 11am PST-1pm PST 

    • Intimate course for 8 women for tailored instruction and focused attention

    • Inspiring lecture, stimulating dialogue, coaching, powerful exercises and experiential homework weekly

  • 6 Digital Workbooks so you have one place to track your growth and progress in the course and it’s easy to follow along with the course material during the live classes

  • Lifetime Access to your course portal where you'll find all video lessons, replays, handouts and other resources to review during and after the course

  • A private online community so you feel supported and connected and inside a community of like-minded individuals who value this kind of growth and are rooting for you too

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 1.29.50 PM.png
Private Coaching Session

Each Emotional Mastery participant will receive a 60-minute private session with me so you have that extra support and attention to remove whatever is in the way of you achieving your outcome or to further integrate what you're learning in the course.

Design Your Emotional Growth Practice

Regular emotional growth practices are what keep you anchored when the ride of life gets bumpy and this is an essential element of gaining emotional mastery. In this bonus mini-course design an emotional growth practice unique to you that can serve as your anchor during stressful and emotional times. 

Process Your Emotional Triggers

No matter how solid our emotional growth practice is, sometimes strong emotional triggers come up. In this bonus mini-course learn about my go-to trigger processing techniques and create your own Emotional Safety Plan for relieving/managing sudden stressors and getting back in to balance when you need it the most.

Speak My Language In Your Love Life

Have you ever been stumped by what to say in certain dating situations? Do you struggle to assert yourself in your relationships? With Emotional Growth Scripts (Empowered Dating, Conscious Relationship and Diffuse Defenses) you'll have the language you need to express yourself effectively not only in your romantic life but across the board in your day to day life.

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 1.13.17 PM.png
Sit With Your Emotions

Emotions are raw, pure and useable energy that when harnessed properly can wake you up to your patterns, beliefs, needs, most tender insecurities and post powerful desires hidden within you. Use these bonus guided meditations to work with your emotions (anger, fear, sadness, guilt and jealousy) and uncover their hidden gifts.

Are you ready?

6 LIVE Group Calls with a small group of women that includes inspiring lecture, stimulating dialogue, coaching, powerful exercises and experiential homework 

4 Core Trainings that will teach you the exact process I went through to build healthier relationships and finally find inner peace

Coaching & Q&A with me so you have extra support to get to the bottom of whatever might stand in the way of your your goals and outcomes in the course

The Bundle of Bonuses to help you deepen and expand your emotional mastery journey through designing an emotional growth practice that work for you

A Private Community so you feel supported and connected with an intimate group of like-minded women who value this kind of growth and are rooting for you too

Lifetime Access to the program, any additions I make and all bonuses at your time of enrollment

When you add up everything you're receiving, this program is a total value of $2081

Your investment for Emotional Mastery







Michele's program has been deeply transformational for me, to say the least. Each week, I feel like a layer of the onion had been peeled and each week was filled with so much insight, about who I am, what I want, what I need, and what I need to let go of. At the highest level, this program has allowed me to reconnect with my true authentic self and start to build a relationship with this true self. It's a process but I realized that this is so important for having the true, unconditional, abundant loving relationship that I've always wanted. Through this program, I finally realized why I kept attracting relationships that don't serve me - that there is still inner healing and shadow work to be done. Overall, I feel equipped with all of the tools and frameworks I need to build a healthy, deep, intentional relationship with myself and in turn, apply this to the relationship that I truly desire. The 6-week process is iterative and might not always be linear. I intend to go through this process (or parts of the process) a few times to uncover new insights about myself, my relationship patterns, my needs. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 11.44.27 AM.png


"Michele's skilled one-on-one and group coaching had a lasting, transformative effect on me! With my focus on improving self-care and building intimate relationships, Michele helped me detect the pertinent issues at hand and reflected back to me my positive, unique abilities and gave me encouragement and gentle pushes where needed. She created a safe space and encouraged me to dream: to let loose and freely express my visions and desires around dating and relationships. With Michele's guidance, I've learned how to better nurture and fortify myself with an inner strength and positive self-regard, which has consequently allowed me to see my present circumstances in a more grounded, centered and optimistic light.

There has never been a more important time as NOW to build your emotional awareness and grow your emotional maturity. 

On a global level we need more emotionally mature people continuing to heal and resolve their traumas to aid in improving the collective health and safety of all people and....


to build a better world.

Emotional Freedom and Inner Peace Is Your Birthright...

I know this because I had to realize it for myself...

I grew up in a small town on the East Coast. My childhood was great in many ways and difficult in others and when I went off to college at age 18, I began to experience some of the consequences of the unresolved and things from my upbringing when I started engaging in dating and relationships.

When I met my first boyfriend at college I was young, emotionally immature and fixated on "love".


I put love in quotes because I was chasing after something that wasn't actually love, but I thought was.


I was disembodied, insecure, anxious, terrified of rejection and abandonment and CLUELESS about how to build and sustain a healthy relationship.

My "strategies" in the search to find the ever so elusive happy relationship included fits of jealousy and possessive, bursts of anger, long stretches of sadness and depression, being deeply victimized by my own love life, and blaming and shaming my romantic interests and partners for my own difficult emotions. 

Yikes, I know.

It took many heartbreaks, some in the most horrible way you can imagine, for me to finally realize my strategies were but symptoms of my lack of emotional maturity which was firmly rooted in my unresolved childhood wounding.

Here is the most important thing I've learned along the way on my emotional growth journey. I couldn't have a healthy relationship if I wasn't able to approach my love life as an emotionally mature and integrated adult.


I realized that my emotional age was not in alignment with my physical age. I began to see my self-sabotaging patterns in dating and relationship covered up the truth that I needed training on how to manage my emotions in healthy ways and a sense of completion with my own childhood wounding so I could develop my emotional maturity.

I finally got that before any relationship was possible for me my emotional healing and emotional maturity needed to come first.

The process I will take you through in my course Emotional Mastery is the same process I went through to step away from a life that looked good on the outside but one I was emotionally suffering inside of. It's the process that transformed me from a Girl to an Embodied Woman who could be ready and available for the emotionally mature partnership I have now. Most importantly this process will guide you along your path of healing and finally finding inner peace.


Do You Have Questions or Concerns?

 I may have answers! 

  • Does this course require special knowledge or experience?
    This course requires no specific knowledge or experience to take. The best thing you can do to prepare is to bring an open mind and willingness to grow.
  • Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?
    Yes and no. While this program is designed to be completed over six week (one session per week) it is not a requirement. Once you register for the program you’ll have lifetime access to the Emotional Mastery material so you are free to design your own schedule and go at your own pace if you so choose. All of the videos, digital workbooks and bonuses are yours to keep forever so please take as long as you like to work through the material if you want to.
  • So, is this course like therapy?
    No. This is an educational course. While I do have a Psychology Degree and Masters of Education, I am not a licensed mental health professional and I do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health services that would require a license. What I provide in this course is education, training and access to coaching and Q&A videos about dating, relationships, healing and personal growth that all have the potential for substantial learning and life transformation.
  • I am working with a therapist already. Is it ok to take a course like this?​
    ABSOLUTELY! And… I would mention it to your therapist. Here are my thoughts. Working with both a therapist and taking a transformational course like this can be a wonderful and complementary experience. In therapy, you get to look at every part of yourself that has shaped you into the person you are. With an online course like Date With Depth, created by a certified coach, you’ll get to look at who you are right now AND who you want to be. Having both a therapist and course like this can support each other as knowing how you came to be where you are will often help you become the person you want to be.
  • Is this course LGBTQ friendly and inclusive of diverse relationship models?
    Sure is! As the guide for this program, I’m in a heterosexual coupleship and use personal stories to teach the content inside Date With Depth. The course is not gender specific or oriented toward any specific sexual orientation. I welcome any feedback that will help make this program more inclusive as you go through the program.
  • What if I need more support? Is this program available with coaching?
    Yes! Inside the course portal I share more information about how to get private coaching support while taking this course.

Hear From Graduates From
My Previous LIVE Programs

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Are you ready?

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6 LIVE Group Calls with a small group of women that includes inspiring lecture, stimulating dialogue, coaching, powerful exercises and experiential homework 

4 Core Trainings that will teach you the exact process I went through to build healthier relationships and finally find inner peace

Coaching & Q&A with me so you have extra support to get to the bottom of whatever might stand in the way of your your goals and outcomes in the course

The Bundle of Bonuses to help you deepen and expand your emotional mastery journey through designing an emotional growth practice that work for you

A Private Community so you feel supported and connected with an intimate group of like-minded women who value this kind of growth and are rooting for you too

Lifetime Access to the program, any additions I make and all bonuses at your time of enrollment





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