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Emotional Growth Scripts

Speak My Language in Your Relationships​ with Others

Emotional Maturity...

is a hot topic in the personal growth world. It's more widely accepted that building or rebuilding a healthy relationships of ay kind takes a certain level of awareness and facility with your own emotions.

Beyond that, it takes a certain skill to know and then deliver an honest, self-responsible and emotionally mature communication.

In dating...

Have you ever been stumped by what to say in

certain scenarios?

Have you been interested in someone but

not sure how to tell them you want to take it slow?


Not feeling a spark but wanting to be kind about it?


It can be difficult to know what your truth is and then have the courage and clarity to deliver it to someone you've been getting to know.


When we avoid speaking our truth it can be wildly disempowering and we run the risk of violating our boundaries and abandoning ourselves.


In relationships...

Do you struggle to assert yourself?

Do you worry that voicing your opinion may lead

to more conflict?

Do you struggle to listen to your partner?


Cultivating genuine intimacy in relationships can be so hard.


It can be even harder to receive another's truth if it triggers our own emotional stuff. 

We run the risk of communicating unconsciously, hurting our partners and creating relationship damage.

So what can we do about this?

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Emotional Growth Scripts

Speak My Language

Emotional Growth Scripts are a compilation of the empowering language I used to navigate my most pressing relational scenarios. These scripts are meant to support you along the way towards emotional embodiment and most importantly bring more empowerment, kindness, authenticity and assertiveness to your relationships with others.


Meet Your Mentor


Hey! I'm Michele and I'm Emotional Embodiment Guide and Wholeness Coach for women. Relationships (romantic, familia, friendship, work etc.) provide so many opportunities to share yourself with another and receive another. It can be hard to do that when you're getting to know someone or when you do know them well but the topic at hand is emotionally difficult. The biggest area I've had to grow to improve my relationships is clean and effective communication.


I complied these Emotional Growth Scripts just for you if you, like me, struggle to find the words to speak your truth and build intimacy with others. So often I've heard my clients say, "I know what I need to say Michele, I just don't know how to say it." So I created one place to put all of my experience and wording.


I hope this supports you further in using your voice becoming more emotionally embodied.

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Go here to bundle and save.

Hear from some Women Can Heal clients and community members who took action to implement what I teach about emotional growth and communication in your love life...


If you want...

  • the exact responses for your most pressing online and offline dating scenarios

  • to get the language you need to express yourself maturely and consciously not only in your romantic life but across the board in your day to day life.


  • to use language as a tool for expanded empowerment in dating and deeper intimacy in your relationships


...then get your Emotional Growth Scripts


Let's work together to take you, your communication skills and

your love life to the next level!

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