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The Flower Mist Kit
  • The Flower Mist Kit

    A Set of Lightly Scented Vibrational Flower Mists For Your Body + Space


    Enjoy the full line of Allied Healing Apothecary flower mists in a convient size that you can take on the go. Whether you need to clear your enegy after a werid interaction, need a pick me up, want to to calm your nerves before you do something important or need a aromatic sprits to remember you are loved and supported the mist kit has got you covered.


    What's Included:


    (1) RESTORE with White Yarrow + White Sage: Fortifying Boundary Mist

    Spray this mist to help clear and recenter if you’ve picked up someone else’s energy. Bring this mist along with you to large gatherings.


    (2) REPAIR with Calendula + Lemon Balm: Calming Communication Mist

    Spray this mist to set the tone for respect, clarity and compassion just before a difficult conversation or a recovery conversation with someone you care about.


    (3) REDIRECT with Rosemary: Grounding Focus Mist

    Spray this mist when you’re feeling sluggish from work or unfocused with tasks. A great companion to focused ritual, spiritual journey work and meditation.


    (4) RETURN with Lavender: Relaxing Wind Down Mist

    Spray this mist when you’re getting ready for bed or for insomnia. Spray to soothe the nervous system when you become dysregulated.


    (5) REMEMBER with Rose: Enveloping Self-Love Mist

    Spray this mist when you need a boost to your self-esteem or before meditation to honor and remember the beautiful light you are. Pairs well with other healing work that promotes self-love such as affirmations, mirror work or EFT.


    Disclaimer: Flower essences are not a replacement for medical care or treatment or a substitute for professional psychological counseling. Please consult your health provider(s) if you feel ill or unwell


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