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The Emotional Inventory Class

The Emotional Inventory Class

For most of my life I buried and stuffed my emotions because being with them was too painful.


Years of doing this was so harmful to myself and not only forced essential parts of my being to go into hiding but wrecked havoc on my nervous system.


When I learned that emotions were a superpower and discovered working with them through written "inventories" was the key to creating a happy healthy life for myself


it changed the whole game for me.


Just like businesses need to take regular inventory to run well, humans must do the same with their thoughts, emotions and actions. 


When we engage in regular emotional inventory we can better...

  • feel and sense our emotions

  • embody our emotions

  • clarify our deepest needs

  • take action in our self-care

  • expand our capacity to receive prosperity

  • discover personal power below fear-based conditioning


In this training I'm going to teach you how to work with your emotions by using several writing practices called emotional inventories.


In this workshop you will...


  • Understand the importance working intimately with your emotions through the process of emotional inventory

  • Learn several emotional growth practices that will help you inventory your fears, desire, gratitudes and needs

  • Apply a new emotional inventory practices to your life


Here's what we will cover:


  1. The Clearing of Fear Inventory: To feel safe, secure, connected, esteemed and fulfilled in life means courageously facing down what's holding you back. To get this courage, you must walk through the fear. Learn an emotional inventory practice that will help you unpack the underlying causes of your difficult emotions.
  2. The Desire Inventory: Desire with a capital D are the deep impulses that move through you that guide or (sometimes shove you) toward or away from anything that is or isn’t aligned with your authentic self, your truth and your soul purpose. Learn an emotional inventory practive that will help you clariy the deep impluses that keep you aligned with truth and soul purpose.
  3. The Gratitude Inventory: A magnet lives inside each of us that can draw blessings, love and joy into our life. Learn a emotional inventory practice that will support you in growing your magnet and make you more receptive to prosperity.
  4. The Need-to-Self-Care Inventory: One of the most challenging things about taking care of ourselves is knowing our needs and matching it to the right actions. Use this emotional inventory to do just that.


What's Included In Your Purchase

  • The Emotional Inventory Class (Lifetime access)
  • A digital workbook to guide you through the workshop


This workshop is included in The Foundations program.


NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds. 

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