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Journey Into Jealousy
  • Journey Into Jealousy

    Included in Emotional Growth Journeys


    Jealousy is an emotion that often gets a bad rap.


    A woman who feels jealous can be judged and feared.


    "A jealous woman is so unattractive."

    "Now don't get all "Fatal Attraction" on me..."

    "Don't be jealous!"

    "Be thankful for what you have!"


    These can be the internal and sometimes external messages we get when this very real emotion arises and wants to express itself.


    When we receive these kinds of disapproving messages it can be easy to bury jealousy or try to hide from it.


    The truth is jealousy is a raw, pure and useable emotion that when harnessed properly can wake you up to your patterns, beliefs, needs, most tender insecurities and post powerful desires.


    There are wonderful gifts and insights buried within this difficult emotion.


    Journey Into Jealousy


    Indications: losing sense of safety and security when dealing with relationship whether generated by the self or by others, reacting rather than responding to real or perceived threats, chronic jealousy


    Healing Qualities: radical approval for jealousy, using jealousy as a tool, understanding what jealousy is trying to tell you, inner peace, finding solutions


    In this 19-minute emotional growth meditation, "A Journey Into Jealousy" you will be guided to:

    • relax into your body
    • explore the true source of your own jealous feelings
    • meet them with loving acceptance
    • uncover the messages and gifts inside them for you



    What you'll receive

    • A guided meditation with music
    • A guided meditation without music


    Included In the Emotional Growth Bundle


    NOTE: This is a digital product. There are no refunds.

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