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What I Think You Deserve This Year

Hello beautiful woman. Happy New Year. How are you feeling on the first day of the year? This is a day when there is a lot of energy going into hopes, dreams, possibility power and potential for the start of the new year. Let’s not ignore this is also a day when there is also a lot energy going into grief, sadness, regret releasing and letting go. I see you in both locations. You deserve to have your dreams actualized this year. You deserve to be empowered. You deserve to know your worth. You deserve to feel the release in letting go. You deserve to have your heart healed. You deserve someone who wakes up every day looking for new ways to love you. You deserve to know exactly how to love yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to put effort into creating an authentic, aligned and sustainable relationship because deep down we don’t believe we deserve it. That belief usually comes from our early childhood experiences. So we complain. We avoid. We settle. We wonder what if. Here’s the thing. Your personal power is what’s going to power you through 2020. But your personal power is directly affected by the way you see how deserving you are. Both your deservingness and power are going to allow you to create and maintain relationship this year. My work is all about powering you up. I’m offering complimentary Find Your Person Breakthrough Sessions this month to women who are ready for relationship in 2020. In this session you’ll get clear on what’s blocking you from finding love and the #1 thing you need to find your person.

Happy New Year Beautiful, Michele Founder of @womencanheal


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