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I had an online journal in my 20s and early 30s. I made an entry on September 8, 2012. I was 30 years old. I was completing an exercise on visioning for a releasing ceremony after yet another grueling end to a relationship I really wanted to work. This is what I wrote in a stream of consciousness about the person I wanted to call in next: "I want to find a man that gets me completely: tall, handsome, brown eyes, at or over thirty, funny, been to college and/or a graduate degree, adventurous (likes to try new things), enjoys vegging out too, has manners, protective of me, NON-SMOKER, likes to drink but doesn't need to drink all the time, understands what it means in the larger sense to live a healthy life, enjoys some kind of physical activity, tells the truth, stays in touch (likes to text and call), loves having sex with me, can listen, can give and take advice, not a slob but not a neat freak, on time for things, has a good relationship with his family (talks to them, visits them), loves and respects his mother, wants me to be a part of his world, financially comfortable or well off, has a career not just a job, has a sense of style, has 1 or more tattoos that are hidden, loves music and/or passionate about something creative aside from his career, not currently in a band..." On November 7, 2019 I have this man in my life. Everything I wrote (with the exception of the tattoo) is who this man is, what this man has and what this man does. Having "a list" in 2012 was just the 1st step in finding the love I was longing for. The next step was to heal and change from within. Honestly, I dragged my feet on the healing and changing part. I stayed the same and dated the same men. . And I was getting the same results. Heartbreak. It wasn't until I had another painful breakup in 2015 that I knew I needed to start doing the inner work so I could find the person in the vision saw in 2012. I'd love to be your guide if you are ready to do that inner work yourself. #datewithdepth

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