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The Food/Healing Connection

I stopped eating meat a few weeks ago. I feel amazing inside and out. Now, I want to be clear. This is not a self-righteous post about why I am better than you for not eating meat right now. I simply want to say that my body told me it didn’t like what I was putting into it and I decided to be open-minded, listen to it and try something new. In 2008 I was diagnosed by a doctor with an autoimmune disorder Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Lupus for short. (I’m looking forward to sharing more about my healing journey with Lupus in future blogs.) At the time I was diagnosed, I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle. I was treating myself with disrespect by putting things into my body that my mind liked but my body didn’t. During that period, I’d receive both subtle and obvious warning signs, but I ignored them. Finally my body said stop. The body is amazing like that. If you can tune in, it has all the answers. For ten years I’ve been exploring, learning and experimenting with the connection between food and healing. It hasn’t been an easy exploration. I struggled with restrictive diets. I’d feel too restricted, rebel and then eat something and feel the affects of it immediately or the next day. Making certain changes with your food can be expensive and time consuming. I miss certain foods that used to give me a lot of emotional comfort. When my exploration took me to Dr. Brooke Goldner @goodbyelupus I was shocked and intrigued to hear her claims and read her case studies on curing lupus with a raw vegan diet. So I checked in with myself and made a decision to try shifting my eating even further than I have. Today my healing journey has taken me to a plant-based diet and the decision feels careful and respectful. What I love about healing journeys is that they are unique and customized. I love the freedom of exploration I have in life to make choices and try things out and I appreciate the trust I have cultivated in the process. #healing #healingjourney#healingyourself #healingtools#healinghearts #healingvibes#spiritualhealing #emotionalhealing#physicalhealing #soulhealing#youcanhealyourlife #femininehealing#antiinflammatory

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