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Sometimes Being Unavailable Is A Very Good Thing

When you become unavailable to the things on this list you have set boundaries.

Boundaries in dating and relationships are so important.

I work with a lot of deep feeling women, some people might call them empaths, who are learning about what it means to have boundaries in this area of their love lives.

I always teach my clients the difference between boundaries and barriers (walls).

Walls develop naturally as a form of protection when we’ve been hurt. I always initially coach women’s walls with care, approval and tenderness.

But then when they are ready I help them create enough internal safety to have and set boundaries.

Because boundaries are the property lines around your heart that allow you take risks and to protect yourself while still be open to people.

Something I hear often from women who resonate with my work is that they know they should be treated better, they know what they get themselves into isn’t making them feel good about themselves and they know they deserve better.

But they stay or tolerate.

This is clearly an indication of how much she values herself.

When you value yourself boundaries are much easier to set.


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