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Safety & Confidence

Last night we got professional photos taken of us. We had the pleasure of participating in an Intimacy Shoot with @theessencephotographer. This is the after photo. Feeling grateful, glowing, connected and inspired by the brand new experience we just had. If you took a before photo of me hours earlier it would have looked much different. I was not grateful. I did not feel connected. I did not feel inspired. Our coach @the.relationship.catalystbrilliantly suggested days earlier we get a session in before the shoot. I had no idea how much I was going to need it at the time. Looking back now, of course having a safe space to be intimate with my partner with our coach before getting front of a camera to transmit our intimacy makes total sense! She’s been helping me really integrate that I have total personal power over my state in my relationship. In the session I discovered fear I had to get in front of the camera. I had been wanting to make my partner the reason for it. That quickly dissolved when I was reminded of my personal power again. One need and one desire emerged as I was being coached. I wanted safety and confidence during this shoot. Becoming aware to those very true and vulnerable need and desire felt like coming home. I could feel my power unleash from my stomach all the way up to my heart. I felt kind of awkward in front of the camera but mostly free to play and explore the essence of myself and my relationship in front of the camera. I had my sense of safety and a rooted confidence in my okay-ness close to me in this new experience. Thanks Candace and Alexandra for holding and encouraging us both to push our edges and share our love.


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