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I Never Said I Was a Healer

I was recently called a “fake healer” by someone who was feeling angry. I think this person was so mad because they took an inaction of mine personally. At first I was totally offended and angry back! Then I paused and reflected. This is a PSA to every person who lands on my pages or is in my network. I am not a healer and never claimed to be. All I claim to know is that I am healing myself and I believe women can do the same. What I do is provide educational tools and personal coaching to allow for an environment *for you to change and heal yourself.* I’m confident this healing and change will help you find love. . If you are looking for someone to heal you or fix your dating life with tricks or gimmicks, great, there are plenty of places for you to go to get that. I’m not one of those places. I work with women who: • want a healthy relationship • feel limited physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in their adult life because of experiences they had in childhood • who are ready and willing to take a look at these experiences • are ready to start getting real and vulnerable where in the past they haven’t been able or ready to • see the link between socialization/conditioning and the suffering they are experiencing now in dating and relating and want help breaking patterns • are hurting and want encouragement and inspiration • are seeking new perspective and/or solutions to challenges in love and dating • are in an extended post-breakup or experiencing prolonged singlehood and want a relationship • have some self-awareness and are becoming familiar with their own social conditioning • can take responsibility for their life This list is *thick* I know and is meant to be because I want to call in the right woman so I can deliver my services effectively. No hard feeling if this list totally turns you off! If this sounds like you, let’s talk. I will launching another group program in February and will have 1 spot open for private coaching mid January. Just send me a DM and we can have a chat. Love, Michele Founder of Women Can Heal


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