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“Growth must be chosen again and again.”

—Abraham Maslow

I've been going through some changes and growth spurts over the last month and it's required me to walk courageously through fear.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

April was absolutely INSANE with how busy I was despite staying mostly in one spot doing a shelter in place.

I created and taught some workshops for my clients at WCH. As a public school teacher I've also been working hard to learn all the systems to transition in person education to virtual distance learning.

There's been personal growth as well. I've been focusing a lot on self-healing and relationship recovery in my partnership. I'm really blessed I have so many resources at my finger tips and I realized today that I have a whole team of people supporting me.

With all this high energy around teaching and the deep steady energy of personal growth there was space to put some of that into WCH. I guess you can call what I did "branding" which if I'm honest doesn't actually do the process justice.

This process of writing out my vision and mission for WCH, picking the colors, symbols and mood was VULNERABLE. I had no idea how much fear of visibility I'd need to walk through.

I wrote out my vision: "To gather a community of healing women who are becoming the secure and powerful women they know they came here to be who will have current and potential partners love them with all their hearts."

Writing that on paper felt like something clicked into place.

You'll be seeing more plants and ferns on my feed too. Why? Well I have one tattooed on me for starters. It means a lot to me personally but in a broader sense this plant is incredibly rich with symbolism and is respected as an ancient family of plants. It’s known for its medicinal healing and across cultures represents strength, resistance, enduring power, magic, new life and new beginnings, hope, humility and sincerity. These are all things that are “on brand” at Women Can Heal.

Excited to share more with you. 🌿


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