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Dating With Authenticity

When I made the decision that I was ready to date more authentically, meaning, who I am inside 100% matches who I am outside I was surprised to find the challenges I had when I was working hard to impress people intensified.

I felt nervous and was in my head about what to say. I worried that who I really was wasn't good enough for my date. I felt exposed and unprepared....

So, I want to let you in on something I’ve learned in my many years of research in authentic dating and conscious relationship.

I want to warn you that this may come as good news or bad news to you. Ready Here it is...

Dating and relating authentically means accepting your journey to find love and companionship may be a long one.

If this comes as bad news to you, you’ve most likely been single or out of relationship for a while and you feel ready for a good one right now. You might be in a relationship now and know there is way more possible for it.

Believe me. I couldn't understand more.

I want to offer my empathy and encouragement that you never know when the right person might be just around the corner, and in the meantime, there is plenty to do that will make the wait fun and worthwhile.

If this comes as good news or a relief you've probably gotten to a level of acceptance that there is self growth and getting to know yourself that you want and on some level you know that is needed before you can find and settle into the meaningful relationship you want. If this is you, welcome.

So many of us want to find our person and have full purposeful lives. The problem is, many of us haven't done the deeper inner work to really have it. Our hearts need some healing. Our thoughts could use some shifting. Doors close for @datewithdepth tomorrow. It’s gonna be a wild and fulfilling ride. DM me for more details.

Yours In Service,



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