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82% of women in partnership feel insecure in their relationship and wonder if they are really loved*

Insecurity in relationship is extremely common for women.


Our partners can tell us they love us until they are blue in the face and we can still feel like it's never enough.


Unfortunately when it comes to relationship work many women think she has to settle for what is or bury her feelings of insecurity. That’s when hurt, anger bitterness is set in and start to corrode the foundation of love your relationship sits on. 


If you don't know or haven’t yet worked on the roots of your lack of confidence, clarity and security in your relationship you will continue to feel dissatisfied and wonder what you're doing wrong


In my work with women I help them get honest and then overcome her biggest blocks to creating and having the relationship of her dreams.


Imagine the joy and peace you will feel once you resolve those underlying issues contributing to your relationship woes.


Discover your vision, purpose and legacy for your partnership and live into it. 

*National Survey of Women

How a Legacy of Love Breakthrough Session Works

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Step One

Book your FREE Legacy of Love Breakthrough Session by clicking the "Book My Breakthrough Session"  button below. Pick the best date and time for your session with me.

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Step Two

We will confirm your session through email or by phone. We can do our session by phone, video conference or in person. During our session I will get to know you, discover what is holding you back in your partnership and tell you the #1 thing you need to have a breakthrough. I'll offer you reflections, perspective and a clear next step to move forward with. 

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Step Three

If you are interested in working with me and beginning your journey of building strong and sustainable relationship, I’ll tell you the exact steps for making that happen. If you decide working with me is not what you are looking for or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. 

Are you single and ready for relationship?

Book a Find Your Person Breakthrough Session with me.

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