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Date With Depth (Online Intensive)


**Note: Upon enrollment and purchase of Date With Depth you will be prompted to create a username and password to access the course. ** Date With Depth is a self-paced online course created specifically for women who struggle with dating and in relationships to learn the tools to find their ideal life partner and create relationships that truly light them up. The course is designed to illuminate the root causes of persistent challenges in dating and relationships and teaches you how to free yourself from the blocks holding you back from the healthy, passionate and purposeful relationship you’re seeking. In This Course You'll Finally Have the Structure and Space to: ✔️ Learn the exact steps to find or create enjoyable, healthy and successful relationships so that it’s no longer this giant mystery. ✔️ Gain crystal clear knowledge of what’s not working in your dating and relationship life so that you finally correct and change it. ✔️ Experience healing from your limiting beliefs and unresolved pain from the past so that you access the love you want right now. ✔️ Feel more empowered and confident in a way that you didn’t even know were possible. ✔️ Learn practical tools for conscious dating so you will feel more confident and emboldened in navigating relationships. and most importantly.... ✔️ Be reminded of your SOUL PURPOSE as a woman.


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