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This was my iBooks library in 2013.


I considered myself a successful and very smart woman so my failures in dating and relationships baffled me. I had a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Masters of Education and had successful teaching career. Despite my frustrations I was determined to fix it and took to dating guides to learn how to master this finding a boyfriend thing. By age 32, I had read countless articles and books and was trying out all my tips and tricks at the loud bars and online dates. 

Hi! My name is Michele and I'm a Love Life Coach. I help women in their 30s who are sick of swiping, get off the apps, do the inner work so she can finally find her person. 

I Literally Was Going Insane in the Dating World.




I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and I met my first boyfriend in college in 2000. Very quickly I developed a cycle of dating and relationships that would go something like this: Someone new comes along I meet while out at a loud bar or from online. We date, I like him and I try everything to get him to like me. I change my clothes, my interests, try to say the right thing, try not say anything at all. It ends. I get down on myself and replay everything about the relationship over in my head. I get back on the horse, find myself at a loud bar again or back on OKCupid and the cycle would start all over again. 



None of it worked. I managed to date guys for a couple months at a time but they always ended the same way. They would either disappear, tell me they weren't ready for a relationship or say they met someone else. I was watching my girlfriends get married and go deeper in their committed relationship and I was hiding that fact that I desperate for a boyfriend behind my drinking and material success. To make matters worse I was hung up on my exes and still seeing them when the loneliness became unbearable. I was unhappy and moving from city to city looking for an answer recreating the same scenarios in dating and relationships that left me feeling angry, sad, emotionally exhausted and spiritually defeated. I hit a bottom and I didn't know how to change my life. In 2016 I decided to stop drinking, took a break from dating and started down a path of getting to know myself.


It was also when the real work began.

Here is the most important thing I learned along the way. A relationship comes when you love and accept yourself and my patterns in dating covered up the truth that I needed to learn to love myself better before any relationship was possible for me. I learned how I feel about myself is reflected in my profile, what I write in messages, who I go out with and how I showed up on dates. 


Once I faced my fears dating, and took some time to really look at myself, finding my person became easier and even fun! At age 36, I've landed in an amazing relationship that has passion, depth and longevity. It's a relationship where I have fun and feel challenged to grow. Most importantly, I feel full permission to love and bring all of myself out each day because I did that work for myself first. 

If you are a woman who is struggling to find your person there is hope. You too can learn how to master dating by overcoming your blocks to finding love, so next time you are on a date you can be fearless, feel confident and have fun in your search for a deep meaningful relationship. If you are ready to get off exhausting hamster wheel of dating and relationships, then book your FREE Fearless Dating Breakthrough Session today.

What Clients Are Saying: Carolyn

Michele challenged me to look at my situation and feelings in very different ways. It wasn’t just a conversation, it was active.

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